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HTB (High Temperature Long Life Deep Cycle GEL) series is pure GEL battery with 15~20 years floating design life.

It is ideal for standby or frequent cyclic discharge applications under extreme environments. By using strong grids, high purity lead and patented Gel electrolyte, the HTB series offers excellent recovery after deep discharge under frequent cyclicdischarge use, and can deliver 1500 cycles at 50% DOD.

Suitable for Solar, CATV, Marine, RV and Deep discharge UPS, Communication and Telecommunication , etc.

  • Item NO.:

    HTB Series
  • Product Origin:

  • Color:

    Sunny Grey Body, Black Cover
  • Goods stock:

  • Min order:

    12 PCS
  • Product weight:

    5-80 KGS
  • Lead Time:

    25-30 days fast delivery 10days
  • Plate:

    Tincken Flat Plate
  • Nominal Voltage:

    12V 8V 6V 2V
  • Discharge Rate:

  • Electrolyte:

    German GEL
  • Welcome:

    OEM Brand, OEM Color...
  • Usage:

    Solar/Wind/Golf Car
  • Certificates:

  • Warranty:

    3 Years
  • Trade Terms:




  • Voltage: 6V, 8V, 12V
  • Capacity: 6V200Ah~6V420Ah, 8V170Ah~8V200Ah, 12V14Ah~12V300Ah
  • Designed floating service life: 15~20years @25°C/77°F

> Summary for High temperature deep cycle solar gel battery

Newest in 2016, CSBATTERY patented High Temperature Solar Deep Cycle long life Gel battery, best choice to work in hot/cold temperature sites and maintain long service life over 15years.

  • Since 2003, CSBATTERY start the research and produce sealed free maintenance AGM and GEL storage batteries. Our batteries are always in the process of innovation according to market and environment:

AGM battery→GEL battery→High Temperature Long Life Deep Cycle GEL battery.

  • Since 2010, we have more and more clients from Africa and Middle east market, also according to global climate become warmer and warmer, especially in Africa and Middle east, more and more application need the long life storage battery working in high temperature, but normal battery recommended working temperature is 25℃, every 10℃increasing in operating temperature will cause the battery life reduce 50%, because high temperature speed up the corrosion of lead plates, reduce the conductivity and durability.
  • To solve this problem, after 2years research, CSBATTERY research team successfully made it. We produce new corrosion-resistant alloy and optimize grid structure to improve battery capacity of corrosion- resistant, extend its cycle life when work in high hemperature area.
  • We give it names “High Temperature Long Life Deep Cycle Gel Battery”, mixed the newest innovative technology of complex gel, Super-C, anti-high temperature material, corrosion-resistant alloy and so on.

> Features for High temperature Solar deep cycle gel battery

HTB series deep cycle gel battery is specially High-temperature sealed free maintenance deep cycle GEL battery with 15-20ys

design life in float service, 30% more than standard Gel battery, and 50% more than Lead Acid AGM battery.

It meets with IEC, CE and ISO standards.With up-dated valve regulated technology and high purity raw GEL materials imported from Germany, the HTB series battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life. It is designed specially for using under high and cold temperature sites.

> Advantages for HTB high temperature deep cycle gel battery

  • Three years warranty at 35°C-40°C average
  • Able to operate at -40°C to 60°C
  • Longer life and higher stability under high temp. environment (Perfect to be applied to renewable energy system or hybrid power system at tough condition.)
  • Adopt Super-C additives lead plates: Deep discharge recovery capability
  • Deep Cycle usage: 50% DOD, 1500-1600 Cycles work in high/cold temp. area.

> Construction for Deep cycle Solar gel battery

  • HTB deep cycle gel battery adopts super corrosion-resistant alloy and unique patented grid structure, so can improve the lead plates corrosion-resistant  performance in high temperature.
  • It adopts special positive negative lead plates ratio and unique nano gel electrolyte, so can improve battery overpotential of hydrogen evolution effectively and high reduce the water loss in high temperature environment.
  • Its paste formula is added anti-high temperature expanding agent, so can work continuously in high temperature environment.
  • HTB battery’s shell adopts anti-high temperature ABS material, so the battery inside will not be over heat lead to water loss because of high temperature environment, ensure the battery super long life and the shell will not swell even use in extreme high temperature area.
  • HTB series adopts patented gel electrolyte by nano-meter fumed silica, which advantage is high heat capacity and excellent heat release performance, can avoid the thermal runaway problem of normal battery, and discharge capacity can increase by over 30% in low temperature area. So HTB battery can work very well in severe environment between -40℃-65℃.
  • Its formula is added special super expanding agent which ensure battery discharge capacity is higher than other normal battery when work in low temperature, thus even HTB battery work in -40℃ area, it can work stable and continuously.

> Applications for High temperature long life solar battery

  • Ø Solar power generation grid,       Ø Off Grid energy storage systems, Ø Wind Power Systems,
  • Ø Hybrid energy storage systems,  Ø Home energy storage systems,   Ø Telecom Station
  • Ø Renewable energy storage,       Ø Smart power grids and micro-grids system
  • Ø Distributed energy storage system,   Ø UPS and Inverter systems,    Ø Emergency lighting system
  • Ø Generator and battery hybrid energy system
  • Ø Electric Powered Vehicles,  Ø Golf Cars and Buggies, Ø Tour bus, Ø Sweeper, Ø Floor cleaning machines,
  • Ø Wheel Chairs, Ø Power Tools, Ø Electric Powered Toys, Ø Control System, Ø Medical Equipments,
  • Ø Forklift, Ø Marine,  Ø RV, Ø Boat,  Ø Pumps,  and so on.

> HTB Delivery time

  • Normal, 25-30 days for production with injection molding Lead-plate by ourself
  • As a factory we Can Support Urgent project with 10-15days.
  • OEM brand is free charge.

Model Nominal Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah)  Dimension (mm) Net Weight Gross Weight Terminal
Length Width Height Total Height kgs kgs
HTB High Temperature Deep Cycle GEL Battery  12V 
HTB12-14 12 14 152 99 96 102 3.8 3.9 F1/F2
HTB12-20 12 20 181 77 167 167 6 6.1 T1/L1
HTB12-24 12 24 166 175 126 126 8.3 8.4 M6
HTB12-26 12 26 165 126 174 179 8.4 8.5 M6
HTB12-35 12 35 196 130 155 167 10.5 10.7 M6
HTB12-40 12 40 198 166 174 174 14.2 14.4 M6
HTB12-55 12 55 229 138 208 212 16 16.5 M6
HTB12-70 12 70 350 167 178 178 23.3 23.8 M6
HTB12-75 12 75 260 169 208 227 25 25.5 M6
HTB12-85 12 85 260 169 208 227 26.1 26.6 M6
HTB12-90 12 90 307 169 211 216 28.2 28.7 M6
HTB12-100 12 100 307 169 211 216 30.2 30.7 M6
HTB12-110 12 110 328 172 218 222 33.5 34 M8
HTB12-120 12 120 407 173 210 233 39.2 39.7 M8
HTB12-135 12 135 344 172 280 285 40.8 41.3 M8
HTB12-150 12 150 484 171 241 241 45.5 46 M8
HTB12-180 12 180 532 206 216 222 56 56.5 M8
HTB12-200 12 200 532 206 216 222 58.6 59.1 M8
HTB12-230 12 230 522 240 219 225 65 65.5 M8
HTB12-250 12 250 520 269 203 207 71 71.5 M8
HTB12-300 12 300 520 269 220 226 77 77.5 M8
HTB High Temperature Deep Cycle GEL Battery  6V 
HTB6-200 6 200 306 168 220 222 30 30.1 M8
HTB6-210 6 210 260 180 247 249 29.5 29.6 M8
HTB6-220 6 220 306 168 220 222 31.5 31.6 M8
HTB6-225 6 225 243 187 275 275 30.5 30.6 M8
HTB6-250 6 250 260 180 265 272 34.5 34.6 M8
HTB6-310 6 310 295 178 346 366 46 46.2 M8
HTB6-330 6 330 295 178 354 360 46.6 46.8 M8
HTB6-380 6 380 295 178 404 410 55.3 55.8 M8
HTB6-420 6 420 295 178 404 410 56.8 57.3 M8
HTB8-170 8 170 260 182 266 271 34.3 34.8 M8
HTB8-200 8 170 260 182 295 300 38.3 38.8 M8
NOTE: All Above details shall be changed without prior notice, CSBattery reserves the right to explain & update the lastest information.

Project name: Energy Storage System

Country: Saudi Arabia

Year: 2016


In 2017, CSBattery supplied Solar gel range VRLA batteries in Saudi Arabia. Our team installed model no HTB12-110(12V 100Ah) of Solar range GEL batteries as backup power for energy storage solution of 21KW off-grid solar system. 


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While we're good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.