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CS Battery offers a very wide range of battery products in diverse industries all over the World. For each of our businesses, we consider customer support, satisfaction and feedback an essential element of our overall marketing effort. CSBattery with operations on six continents, allowing our products be available and enjoy technical support all over the world.

Over 6 offices worldwide

Over 50 distributors / agents

Over 1200 partner.


CSBattery’s global presence, product breadth and financial strength enable us to win in today’s competitive marketplaces.




Sales Distibution

CSBattery’s  global service teams and partner networks provide end customers with value-added support, first-rate service, products, solutions and enhancements to safeguard their capital and its efficient use.

CSBattery China

Mr.Leo.Liu ( Product, Cooperation )       • Wechat: A001 CSBattery     • Whatsapp:+8613798341910    • EMail: [email protected]

Regional distributor offices

CSBattery Spain

• Mr.Emilo ( Product, Cooperation )      • EMail: [email protected]

CSBattery Uk

• Mr.Jason ( Product, Cooperation )     • EMail: [email protected]

CSBattery Australia

• Mr.Gavin Pereira( Product, Cooperation )    • EMail: [email protected]

CSBattery Philippines

• Mr.Mark Joseph Siapno ( Product, Cooperation )    • EMail: [email protected]

CSBattery Nigeria

• Mr.Nelson ( Product, Cooperation )   • EMail: [email protected]  • Tel: +234 906 639 3201 • Website:

CSBattery Segegal

• Mr. Adrien joseph Sarr ( Product, Cooperation )    • EMail: [email protected]  • Website:

CSBattery Comorin

• Mr. Molkane Mohamed ( Product, Cooperation )   • EMail: [email protected]

CSBattery Cambodia

• Mr. Socheat Pao (Sales & Service Manager)   • E-mail: [email protected] • Tel: +855 99 399 188  •  Website: 



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