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  • CSBattery IEC 61427 for 6V 12V Sealed lead acid battery gel battery
    Dec 15, 2021

    Dear CSBattery Valued Customers, We CSBattery have updated newly IEC 61427 for 6V 12V Seaeled lead acid batteries, gel batteries. Suitable for : 6V 4.0AH to 6V 420AH12V 4.5AH to 12V 300AH8V 170AH to 8V 200Ah Any project need the batteries, weclome to reach us. Always do our best to serve you. smiley Best regards, Sales Team

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  •  Battery price down 5-7% compare last April, Catch this Valley time
    May 16, 2022

    USD/CNY Rate rising too much , stand on 6.7 from 6.35. So Today we have an important and urgent information to share you that lead price 14850 CNY battery prices down 2% this week. and usd/rmb rising 6.7 from 6.35. So VRLA battery price down 5-7% compare last April, So it's a good time place order at this valley time.    Please keep us informed about your thoughts. Mo...

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  • CSBattery Showroom Open in Madagascar with our Partner
    Apr 26, 2022

    We are happy to announce that our Madagascar Showroom is start working, thanks Trust and help from Pider! 

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  • Supper loading with 6m pallets To Chile
    Apr 19, 2022

    One 6m pallets, two 3.7m pallets, two 3m pallets solar Mounting System , and 18 pallets 12V100Ah 12V200Ah Solar battery Loading wiht 40 HQ. Hard working, excellent working.  If you need help for similar case, pls contact us freely! 

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  • SENC 2022 Is Coming, Meet CSBattery at Shanghai International Solar Exhibition In May
    Mar 06, 2022

    The annual SNEC Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition is coming soon, and CSBattery sincerely invites you to appreciate this photovoltaic feast. As a global leader in solar battery, CSBattery will bring a team of experts and storage battery products to the exhibition with full enthusiasm, fully demonstrating the achievements of CSBattery in the process of innovation and upgrading of deep cycle bat...

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