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Dual control and dual limit China Oct 2021- Mar 2022

Oct 11 , 2021

China will firmly control energy-hungry and high-emission projects, the National Development and Reform Commission said in a recently issued plan, according to a notice released on Thursday……

As “dual control of energy consumption”policy of the Chinese government, which has a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies. As a major manufacturing province, Guangdong Province, China has a deep understanding of this. At present, it is the peak period of “golden September, silver October” orders, especially the demand for secondary and tertiary industries continues to be strong, and the highest load demand in Guangdong Province has reached a record high of 135.13 million kilowatts.

Therefore, in this case, the prices of many products are also rising wildly, and we are also very helpless, please forgive us.

Today That lead price 14500-14999 battery prices rose 2% this week. It is expected to rise by 4% next week (other raw materials rose 2%, lead prices rose 15000-15499rmb/ton 2%).  Due to China’s energy control, it is expected to continue to be bullish for some time to come. So this week is the perfect time to purchase the battery to maximize the benefits!

”CSBattery Golden Autumn” promotion is over, but now still a good time for place order as now it the price rising starting point!!!

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