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Deep Cycle Battery Guide

Apr 13 , 2022
How HTB Battery come out?
Since 2003, CSBattery start the research and produce sealed free
maintenance AGM and GEL storage batteries. Our batteries are always in
the process of innovation according to market and environment: AGM
battery→GEL battery→High Temperature Long Life Deep Cycle GEL battery.
Since 2010, we have more and more clients from Africa and Middle east
market, also according to global climate become warmer and warmer,
especially in Africa and Middle east, more and more application need the
long life storage battery working in high temperature, but normal battery
recommended working temperature is 25℃, every 10℃increasing in
operating temperature will cause the battery life reduce 50%, because high
temperature speed up the corrosion of lead plates, reduce the conductivity
and durability. To solve this problem, after 2years research, CSBattery
research team successfully made it. We produce new corrosion-resistant
alloy and optimize grid structure to improve battery capacity of corrosion-
resistant, extend its cycle life when work in high temperature area. We give
it name “High Temperature Long Life Deep Cycle Gel Battery”, mixed the
newest innovative technology of complex gel, Super-C, anti-high
temperature material, corrosion-resistant alloy and so on.
Why HTB battery own super anti-high/low temperature performance?
1. HTB series adopts super corrosion-resistant alloy and unique patented grid structure,
so can improve the lead plates corrosion-resistant performance in high temperature.
2. It adopts special positive negative lead plates ratio and unique nano gel electrolyte, so
can improve battery overpotential of hydrogen evolution effectively and high reduce the
water loss in high temperature environment.
3. Its paste formula is added anti-high temperature expanding agent, so can work
continuously in high temperature environment.
4. HTB’s shell adopts anti-high temperature ABS material, so the battery inside will not be
over heat lead to water loss because of high temperature environment, ensure the battery
super long life and the shell will not swell even use in extreme high temperature area.
5. HTB series adopts patented gel electrolyte by nano-meter fumed silica, which
advantage is high heat capacity and excellent heat release performance, can avoid the
thermal runaway problem of normal battery, and discharge capacity can increase by over
30% in low temperature area. So HTB battery can work very well in severe environment
between -40℃-65℃.
6. Its formula is added special super expanding agent which ensure battery discharge
capacity is higher than other normal battery when work in low temperature, thus even HTB
battery work in -40℃ area, it can work stable and continuously.
Energy consumption of cooling system
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