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CSBattery Lead Carbon Battery get a lot New OEM Customer

May 20 , 2022

2022, we got nearly ten Lead Carbon Battery OEM customer from the World: Canada, UK, Chile…

In some parts of Canada and many parts of the world, the on-grid power supply is unreliable with frequent power outages. In these regions, businesses depend on battery solutions for backup power. However, due to frequent power outages in some regions, batteries are cycled regularly and are required to recharge quickly because you never know when the next outage will be. This is why CSPower developed the highest performing lead carbon batteries in Canada.

CSBattery lead carbon batteries are designed with PSoC compatibility, which delivers high charging efficiency and more than three times as many cycles as standard AGM batteries. This results in a more reliable power supply and a decrease in the cost per cycle.


Our lead carbon battery products are available in two voltage: 6V and 12V. The 6V lead carbon is built for replace Trojan 6V series The 12V is new choose for Solar Power system. The batteries are designed for various applications, including renewable energy, telecom and backup power.


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